Project Description

Project Overview

The client is a leading service provider in Education industry and operates in multiple territories across the world. The client requires a website where in the prospective applicants will be able to fill in the application form and submit. The client also requires the web application to track and route the leads generated from the online application process. Client preferred to have an on-demand cloud based solution to keep the cost low and avoid maintenance costs.

Client’s Business Need

The client needs a public website where the end users can register, fill in the application forms, track applications and receive required communication. As the client is operating in multiple territories a web service that can track and route the applications received from the website is required, this information must be communicated to the right admission officer based on the territory/ region provided by the applicant. So a web application that can serve as a public website and CRM solution is required.

The Solution

After thoroughly analyzing the requirements of the client, the team worked on for a better solution that would fit in best to the client’s requirements. The solution proposed is to use services. provides ‘site’ features to host the application that can be accessed by public with no extra cost. Salesforce OOB (out-of- band) feature Lead Assignment rules can be leveraged to assign the leads created in the system to the corresponding users based on the rules defined (by region/ territory).