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Your company probably no more specializes in IT infrastructure than it does in building electrical power grids. Both IT infrastructure and electrical power are vital to your business, but you’ve learned to take the latter for granted. Each month a bill shows up and you happily go about your business without wondering where all those kilowatts come from.

Your IT infrastructure should be the same. It’s a utility. Computing cycles are increasingly like kilowatts. If you wanted to build a power plant, you would have to hire electrical, mechanical and structural engineers. But that seems silly. It’s not what you’re in the business of doing. You don’t have expertise there and to develop it would be to distract you from how you actually make your money.

Olive Technology can help to bring your infrastructure to the “cloud”. Your IT infrastructure becomes more like an electrical grid. It’s a commodity of resources that is maintained by experts around the clock so that you can focus on the business of doing your business.

There are several advantages to this approach. First, you don’t have to maintain the internal expertise to maintain your systems. We have 24/7 staffing that lives and breaths systems engineering. Second, you don’t have to buy the hardware. The electric company doesn’t make you buy generators, why should you buy servers? We use virtualization technology to securely offer you shared resources so that you are benefiting from the economies of scale that comes from multiple companies sharing the same resources. This is why power is so affordable – if you had to build your own power plants and you didn’t share those costs with others, your price per kilowatt would be ridiculous.

At Olive Technology we specialize in virtual hosting and managed co-location of servers. Read on below to learn how we can help you.

You should have the freedom to grow unencumbered. You don’t concern yourself with scaling the power company; why should you be any more embroiled in the details of scaling your IT infrastructure?

Olive Managed Hosting

Olive Technology has a tier-one datacenter located in Nevada, a location known for its freedom from natural disasters. Within that datacenter, we host our clients email services, database servers, web servers, enterprise applications, and just about anything else you might have in mind.

The advent of truly high speed internet access means that you can access these remote resources with little to no delay. In exchange, you benefit from having an expert team monitoring your services 24/7. We patch your servers, monitor their performance, and respond when outages occur. We provide enterprise grade backup solutions and we can custom tailor solutions to meet your exact business objectives.

Amazon, Azure or Google Management

If you are already committed to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud hosting, we can relieve some of the burden of managing these services as well. The real advantages of cloud based solutions like this is that they alleviate the need for capital expenditures on hardware, and they can scale on demand. If you’re growing your staff to manage these solutions, however, you’re losing the economies of scale that comes from having Olive Technology do this for you.

Custom Solutions

Whatever your hosting needs are, they’re custom. There’s no way around it. Olive Technology specializes in listening to your needs so that we truly understand your infrastructure and custom tailor solutions that allow you to focus on your actual business.