Remote Staffing

In his book “The World is Flat” (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2005), Thomas L. Friedman surmises that with inexpensive teleconferencing, e-mail and the Internet, the location of human resources would become irrelevant. Since then, with the advent of cloud based computing and higher bandwidth rates, the question of location of your technical staff and infrastructure has less to do with “where” and more to do with “who”, and the related costs.

Project Architecture and Design

Remote Staffing is one of the best ways to move an idea from concept to design, to architecting and development. Ideas in start-ups and even established organizations begin long before the technology is selected or the first line of code is written. Sometimes funding an idea requires the creation of a prototype. Rather than hiring a team to implement a project that is not yet fully fleshed out, or attempting to write detailed RFPs for a vision you’re not quite clear on yet, building a virtual team allows you to flesh out the details before you commit to building the full project. Everyone understands that project specs may change after a prototype is developed and market reaction is evaluated. The main benefit is that the organization has not contracted for a full scale development team from which it becomes difficult to retreat. It has simply hired a group of experienced developers for a limited time to assist in creation, and if necessary can prepare the RFP. Think of us as the special forces that arrive before the full scale invasion commences.

Our engineering staff has the experience of over 150 projects across 10 countries spanning a diverse range of technologies for an disparate group of clients. How could that experience power your dreams and innovation?

Short Term Staffing

From time to time organizations have already developed a software application but find themselves faced with extended time delays while their existing staff balances the response for new development with ongoing operations. The problem could be solved with a few additional developers. However in considering this option, they are confronted with the challenges of expanding their departments for a short time. Recruiting experienced developers for short-term contracts faces three challenges: (1) the extended amount of time it usually takes to find the right candidates, (2) enticing talented engineers for opportunities that are short-term, and (3) the mixed results and exorbitant fees that come with head-hunters. Relocation costs and space requirements also add to the cost of the project.

Remote staffing through Olive Technology, provides a solution. We have experienced developers on staff to meet your specific requirements. In areas that have a high but limited need, we will provide you with developers with the expertise necessary.  If some cases, if the economics can be justified, we have even dispatched qualified teams to overseas locations to handle implementation and training.

Extending Support Requirements

For global companies that find themselves stretched across multiple time zones, especially where 24/7 support is required, our Remote Staffing teams can provide solutions during the hours when in-country support can become difficult and expensive. In fact with our technical support teams located in the United States and India handle 24/7 support for our clients committed to cloud based computing.

Custom Solutions

Your company is unique. You’ve worked hard to set yourself apart. Naturally, your IT staffing needs will also be unique. We have a long history of working closely with internal IT departments to find ways to harmoniously partner. Olive Technology can help you with everything from short-term engagements to long-term solutions where our engineers effectively become an extension of your internal development capacity.