Today, Websites are a critical communications link between your clients and customers.  It is your alter-ego, an extension of you communicating your vision, your thoughts to people who you do not meet, when you are not there. In many instances, it is the contact that people have before they meet you, and must be a reflection of your organization, your vision and objectives. It must communicate your purpose and style. Many clients will determine further communication with your organization based on their first communication with you. It has to be more than an electronic resume.

At Olive Technology, we assist you in developing this image of your organization. We help you develop your message to your audience. Our designers help you select content, ensuring that your message is consistent and includes key phrases that will work to retrieve your unique information from the search engines. Our graphics team will select or create graphics that appeal to your constituency. We also recognize the need for a consistency of appearance over multiple devices including mobile technology. Driving traffic to a website is improved by appearance and content first. It is also increased by unique information and services offered on the site. Critical marketing information can be obtained if your system observers and reports on visitors, for follow-up emails and sales calls.

We help our clients understand approaches that will drive eyeballs to their site, and help them select the right approach for their organization. The needs of our clients can sometimes be met with standard packages. Others require greater feature enrichment, and applications which require custom design.  The real differences are expectations and budgets. Budgets can seem high for custom design work. Your organization will have to determine the benefits of effective communications with millions of potential viewers.

From CMS backed websites to complex single page application architectures, Olive Technology will power your web technology dreams.

Web Applications

It was the case not too long ago that the web was mostly about communicating information. As time went on, however, it became more about experiencing the world around us, whether it’s a corporate brand, or your grandchild’s first words. Through this evolution, modern web browsers have transitioned from content delivery systems to rich application development platforms.

What’s the difference between a web site and a web application? A web site is primarily about conveying information and helping your customers to experience your brand. It’s about marketing and funneling potential clients to purchasing your products. Web applications are about interacting. When you go to Gmail, you’re working with a web application. When you go to, you’re working with a website. You don’t choose one over the other; your company likely needs elements of both. Your technology partner, however, should know the difference so they can partner with you to develop the right technology strategy.

Does your company have a desktop application? In all likelihood, your customers are increasingly demanding that you develop a web version of that application. We can help with that. Do you need to develop a robust solution that you can sell to your customers and you need that to be available on Mac, Windows and every mobile device both conceived and forthcoming? We can help with that too.

Olive Technology has a long history of developing both custom web applications, as well as modifying off-the-shelf solutions for a broad range of customers ranging from fortune 500s to small regional non-profit groups. Whatever your web and mobile-web application development needs are, we can help you take advantage of the latest technology standards to deliver your valuable products to your customers.