Success in a growing company is rarely defined by its technology, unless technology is its business.  Success is measured by its ability to effectively deliver a product or service to the end-user at a price that makes it a compelling solution in the market, while returning the highest possible return on investment to its stakeholders.

Success demands continued Research and Development to respond to market needs or developing new products. Success requires cost effective manufacturing, or the deployment of efficient infrastructure to provide services.

Success requires accurate marketing information, a message that distinguishes your company from the competition. Success demands a driven sales team equipped with the tools to reach the market.

Success requires a responsive supply chain management system to determine availability of key components to the product, to accurately maintain supply and delivery.

Your company is more than the sum of its parts, so your technology should be more than just a collection of components. Olive Technology can bring your systems together to serve the whole of your enterprise goals.

Finally success requires a well-developed communication and reporting system to tell the organization’s story to the world and your employees. A system that can provide Research and Development with data about market needs. The System must provide Sales and Marketing with information about leads, opportunities and their ability to meet sales objectives. Executives in the company require timely information to determine direction and if necessary, course correction. Accurate financial information is necessary not only for the executives, but for shareholder and government reporting.

At Olive Technology, our focus is not on technology, but on Applied Technology Solutions. We assist our clients in finding methods to apply current and developing options to improve their present needs. We help them plan for, implement and integrate existing systems, with the best stand-alone solutions available, or develop custom software if necessary.

At our first meeting, our primary purpose is to you understand your organization’s mission, and the strategies you deploy to accomplish that mission. Too often, we have found that even the best prepared RFPs are developed in a very narrow context. A context that defines a solution to a specific problem, without consideration for the impact on the rest of the mission. Our purpose is to understand “Why” before we suggest “What”.

When we return for discussion, our technology experts will generally provide you with multiple solutions to meet your needs based on functionality, economics and future growth.

Call us, we know that you will find the factors that eighteen years of experience in working with many companies, with varied missions in multiple countries, allows us to bring the solution in applying the right technology for your organization.