Education in the Electronic Age

Beyond Brick and Mortar and Blackboards

In today’s world Education and Technology go hand in hand. It is essential for schools, colleges and universities to have a web presence, school email, to be connected to and engaged with social media, and to utilize a number of various software systems to manage student information, academic records, financial aid, admissions, enrollment, registration, class course schedules and web based learning management systems for distance learning options.

Education is moving increasingly toward hybrid and online programs which offer more flexibility for students to take courses off campus and even complete entire degree programs without commuting to campus or relocating to attend a particular college. Online academic programs are not merely a current trend; they are quickly becoming the future of education world-wide. While ‘distance learning’ courses have been around for a long time, online programs have become so much more than independent study. In online programs students can experience personal and professional engagement with faculty and other students through class discussion forums, collaborative projects and faculty feedback on assignments. Hybrid and Online programs afford students the ability to complete their studies while maintaining obligations to jobs, and family.

We Live in Your World

Olive Technology is uniquely equipped to meet the technology needs of the Educational Institution. Two of our executive staff the CTO and the Director of Client Services have strong Academic backgrounds and are adjunct professors at Universities in Southern California with first-hand knowledge of and experience with Educational Technology. Prior to joining the Olive team, our Director of Client Services served as Director of Learning Technology at Hope International University responsible for the management of the Learning Management System (LMS) all online and Hybrid course creations. She was also a key player in implementing a software system to integrate the LMS with the Student Information System (SIS).

We Can Make You a Hero

Technology isn’t new to education. The reality is that most colleges utilize a collection of any number of systems ranging from legacy systems to the newest in admissions management. Evaluating what to replace, what to update what to keep and how to get the systems to play well with others for the best efficiency and productivity can become an IT nightmare. Olive will partner with your IT team to resolve your issues.


  • Master Systems design
  • Systems integration
  • Securities Audit Procedures Best Practices
  • SIS, LMS, and other Educational Software Systems
  • Instructional Design:
    • Adapting course curriculum from the classroom to online / best practices
    • Faculty Training:
      • Equipping faculty to utilize the LMS
      • Best practices for online instruction
      • Using technology as an instructional tool

Systems Development

  • Systems Architecture and Design
  • Integration of Legacy systems and new systems to function seamlessly
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Cloud servers, Data Storage and Security – save space, time, money and stress
  • Website Design, Web applications and maintenance
  • Mobil Apps:
    • Student and/or and Faculty apps for LMS, Student Portal, Events, Campus Clubs, etc.