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Every organization defines ethics, integrity and quality high on the list of their core values, as if the antonyms of these values would be an acceptable alternative. At Olive we believe that core values cannot belong to the company. They must belong to the individuals that make up the company; otherwise they are nothing more than jargon for the company anthem.

Values such as integrity, honesty and the pursuit of professional excellence are a reflection of an individual’s self image, created by their religious beliefs, their family experience and life lessons. We have found that people with similar values work well together, work harder, teach each other, hold each other accountable and deliver a work product that serves the client well.

As a company, Olive is strongly committed to equal opportunities to all regardless of gender, age, religion or ethnicity. In a country like India, it is critical for us to emphasize that our doors are open to any qualified applicant regardless of caste or creed, language, culture or region. We are all equal and we see strength in our diversity.

We take seriously the responsibility to train and develop all of our staff, making opportunities for growth a test of their skills, talents and determination, not their tenure. Our staff develops skills by learning from each other, our clients and the challenge of our projects.

Olive values a balanced life, and strives to make it possible for its members to actively participate in the lives of their family, explore their spirituality, and their physical well being.

Olive encourages community participation. Returning a part of our success to the community, and those less fortunate, expands our consciousness of the world around us, and returns to us a level of satisfaction that no monetary or professional achievement can match.