Communication is Key

My online bio will tell you that I have a degree in Computer Science and a degree in Linguistics. In both, we deal with communication. Computers have input and output. We write and read from databases. Our browsers have to retrieve data from servers to display. Linguistics also has a lot to do with communication. […]


Technological Success in Perspective

For most companies involved in the development of hardware and software solutions, delivery of the product marks success. “High fives” are exchanged and product managers say “sabash!” to those who worked diligently in making the screens do the bidding of the end user. In my opinion however, this is not the point to mark success. […]


Do you have a Mobile Strategy?

Almost thirty years ago, I became an early adopter of what was then called cell-phone services. When my phone arrived, I had to go shopping for a separate back-pack to carry my new phone. It was the size of a large brick; two bricks actually one for the phone and the other for the battery. […]


What You Need to Know About Web Apps, Part 2

Investing in technology that is already obsolete is a bad business strategy. In the second post of this series, we’ll explore an obsolete way of developing web apps as well as a transitional approach that has become popular. It’s important for you to understand these two paradigms of web application development to truly understand the benefits the next generation […]


Open Source Solutions and Your Next Project

Over the years, I’ve had a number of opportunities to manage projects based on open source frameworks. The subject of managing these sorts of projects is vast, but in this post, I will share some of my experiences that I hope will be helpful to you.  During our lifetime, the transition into the  “information age”, also […]


Silicon India Magazine Features Olive Technology in Top 20

Silicon India Magazine recently featured Olive Technology as one of the 20 Most Promising IT Services Companies of 2015 (June 2015 edition). Silicon India Magazine, in print since 1997, is the publication of Silicon India, a network of over 5 million Indian IT professionals. They have featured leading Indian IT influencers like Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.  We are honored by […]


Community is More Than Work

India is a nation on the rise. Its ascension into the international technology scene since the 1990s has helped to bolster a sizeable middle class. But in the midst of that, there are still many in need. The reality is that there are many in need all over the world. You don’t have to work in […]


What You Need To Know About Web Apps, Part 1

How do you know you’re building an application for tomorrow rather than one that meets the needs of the past? In the next couple posts I’ll cover the evolution of website technologies in three broad stages so that you can get a better handle on what you should expect if you are developing a new web application […]


Apples to Apples: Is price the most important metric?

As the new CTO at Olive Technology (I started in October of 2014), I have been debating what to post about on this blog. I’m not a big fan of “marketing” blog posts (you know, the kind that shamelessly plug our products, services, etc.). But I’m also predominantly interested in the technical side of the […]


Speed Beats Perfection

We live in a connected world where information is abundant, travels fast and changes rapidly. We have come to expect our interaction with digital devices to also be instantaneous. The world around us is expected to respond at “the click of a button.” I will not venture to comment on the effects of such a […]