A new century demands new methods and tools to accomplish the mission

At Olive serving, Ministries and Non-Profit Groups are a core part of our business. Almost every member of our Board of Directors and Executive Team has served at an executive level of a ministry or community service organization. Many of them served as founders and continue to serve on the Boards of these organizations. As a company we provide free or discounted technology services to start-up service organizations, and our staff frequently volunteers to provide relief and community support. At Olive, we consider service to our community and the world around us part of our DNA, and we understand the challenges well.

Four misconceptions that can restrain non-profits from achieving their goals

1) “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

What your organization has done since the beginning with regards to processes and procedures, including using outdated technology, may need to be adjusted. Like how computers continue to change teaching methods in schools, charitable organizations may need to shift their operational strategies to reflect changes in technology.

2) “We don’t need automation. We are blessed with volunteers.”

Volunteers may be less likely to commit to helping with repetitive organizational tasks than before, particularly if these tasks could be accomplished by computer software. They might be eager to travel and get a hands on experience with your organization’s work, rather than simply stay at your office.

3) “Technology works better for larger organizations.”

Though many large organizations leverage computer technology to accomplish their missions, smaller organizations can benefit just as much from these capabilities. A small staff can use technology to free themselves from cumbersome administrative details.

4) “Computers and Automation cost money that we don’t have.”

Computer hardware costs much less than in the past.  With online services and cloud computing, an organization can bring automation technology to all workers, on any device, anywhere. Lost time, inefficiency in operations, and the lack of information to make decisions deplete an organization’s resources more than an initial investment in technology.

Beefing up your Technology

Olive provides various tools to revatalize your mission using technology, such as:

Websites and Web-Apps

Most organizations have one or two charismatic leaders who can tell the story of your mission with passion.  Your website needs to accomplish the same challenge, except with millions of viewers. Websites can deliver your message all over the planet at the same time. They can replace newsletters sent by postal mail, challenge volunteer involvement, and solicit funding.

Web apps can help people engage with your organization’s services more easily and help donors give and interact more efficiently with your organization.

Off Site Reporting Systems

A template listing necessary information on a mobile device can transmit the status reports immediately to servers for processing. Field Inspectors no longer need to return to the office to submit data for reports.