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Speed Beats Perfection

We live in a connected world where information is abundant, travels fast and changes rapidly. We have come to expect our interaction with digital devices to also be instantaneous. The world around us is expected to respond at “the click of a button.”

I will not venture to comment on the effects of such a low attention span, ponder over the futility of seeking instant gratification, or preach about the virtues of patience. 

Instead, let me focus on a key principle that we must internalize in order to be successful technology builders and providers in today’s environment. I believe it is important to release a technology product quickly,

sometimes at the cost of compromising on our sense of its perfection. When it comes to technology development, I believe speed beats perfection.

This is true especially for web and mobile apps. Since they are, by definition, cloud based, it is possible to release new versions as frequently as needed since devices are almost always connected to the Internet cloud. Updates, improvements and enhancements can and should be made continuously to reach higher standards of quality, ease of use and increased functionality.

The definition of perfection keeps changing as the devices become faster, better and more intuitive. So, release your first version and keep on improving in order to keep up with advances in the hardware-software platform on which it runs.

Finally, speed beats perfection because the competition is on the heels of every successful product and you have to increase speed to market, or risk losing the market.