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As a company providing technology solutions, Olive delivers outsourced services with transparency and superior quality by applying proven processes and methodologies.

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Olive Technology is an Information Technology services organization providing full-service solutions in software development and process management in a diverse industry environment.Olive was formed with the expressed purpose to better serve with effective alternatives to traditional IT services that will leverage global resources, talent, and technology.

Client Testimonial

We have enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Olive Technology. They have produced results on a range of projects from small to multi-million dollar initiatives.
Large NGO Client

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Web Design & Development


A website could be more than the face of the organization. It could be a vital business tool serving the purpose of a storefront, business process organizer, event manager, archive, training system, discussion board...

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Hosting Services


In a web-centered world, companies and organizations need a secure and reliable hosting service, especially for applications such as websites and emails.

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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are applications that allow employees to access and manage information in real-time across an organization which is geographically dispersed.

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Olive Technology adheres to stringent international industry process standards in all aspects of operations. This includes all aspects ranging from development and documentation ..

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Career Opportunities


Olivians view the organization as an extension of themselves; they feel good about what they personally achieve through the organization and have exceptional cooperation.

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Mr. Veerappa, the General Manager who has been with Olive from the beginning partaking of the success and hardships thereof, shares few of his experiences which came along the journey this far.


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