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Innovation is not just a word at Olive; it’s one of the pillars on which we operate and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Olive’s dedicated centers of excellence, training programs in emerging technology, leading edge forums, along with actual case studies drives innovation, constantly ensuring that we stay ahead of the newest developments in our industry.

Like many dynamically growing companies, employment opportunities are diverse and multiple. Opportunities range from full time permanent positions, contract employees, internships and channel partners. At Olive, we offer positions that allow individuals to explore new challenges every day and to collaborate across technologies and expertise. We also offer training programs to increase your knowledge base, mentoring, project management experience and personal development programs help expand one’s horizon.

Working with Olive is more than employment. It is a group of dedicated professionals continually striving for excellence and, innovation in an effort to bring applied technology to serve the world. We are colleagues working to strengthen, support and challenge each other. As a group, Olive is more like a family providing personal and friendly fulfillment transcending personal ego. Our people are consistently bringing out the best in each other. We are a family working to create a nurturing environment.

To each member of our family, we make the following promises:

  • Olive is strongly committed to equal opportunities to all regardless of gender, age, religion or ethnicity. In a country like India, it is critical for us to emphasize that our doors are open to any qualified applicant regardless of caste or creed, language, culture or region. We are equal and we see strength in our diversity.
  • Olive takes seriously the responsibility to train and develop all of our staff, making opportunities for growth a test of their skills talents and determination, not their tenure. Our staff develops skills by leaning from each other, our clients and the challenge of our projects. Specialization is critical in our profession, but we also expect diversification. In our culture, leaders do not create followers but create more leaders.
  • Olive supports a balanced life encouraging its members to actively participate in the lives of their family, explore their spirituality, and their physical well being.
  • Olive encourages community participation. Returning a part of our success to the community, and those less fortunate, expands our consciousness of the world around us, and returns to us a level of satisfaction that no professional achievement can match. Olive participates in our community through the Olive Leaf program.

With over 150 global clients, office locations in United States and India with a dynamic leadership team, Olive Technology is a rising star in Information Technology and Software Services.

Our Values

  • Compromise in ethics, integrity or quality are never acceptable.
  • Assume personal responsibility for individual actions. Individuals hold themselves to a high degree of personal accountability first. Demonstrate genuine sincerity and personal honor in all instances.
  • All promises and commitments made must be kept, even if it involves personal cost.
  • Inspire,(lead by example ), Empower (enable and encourage others to take ownership)
  • Engage with the team to collaborate and develop the best solution through collective wisdom.
  • Seek a win-win-win outcome every-time

Our Culture

Each of us views the organization as a reflection extension of ourselves. Individual goals are aligned with the goals of the organization. We will do what it takes to complete our task or mission

Grow With Us

You have unique experiences, skills and passions- we believe you can bring them all to Olive and create a rich, rewarding career Imagine the excitement and satisfaction of what you will do and the difference you can make with the Olive’s resources.

Our philosophy is hiring for tomorrow, taking on candidates not for what we see in them today, but assessing their potential to drive the business tomorrow. In addition to technical soundness supported by good academic records, we look for that spark and a high degree of passion, which for us differentiates the exceptional from the merely competent.