Case Study

Healthcare Portal and Mobile Application

The patient app enables the user to enter and save information pertaining to investigations, clinical data, medication, etc.

Project Overview

Hospitals and other healthcare businesses have embraced IT to generate high levels of efficiency. Mobile technologies, in conjunction with IT, are set to permeate every aspect of the healthcare system. Chronic disease management can be simplified to an extent like never before. Mobile health (mHealth) applications (apps) for smart phones and tablet computers are proliferating rapidly, ranging in complexity from products as simple as patient scheduling and point-of-care electronic physician note apps to sophisticated remote patient monitoring devices.

Olive Technology’s Solution

The name Mahalife refers to “great life.” We make that possible creating mobile apps and web apps that work in conjunction to enhance the quality of healthcare. These mHealth apps enable the doctor and patient to connect with each other in a convenient, secure, and timely manner.

For all medical conditions two mobile apps and one web application are being developed. Of the two mobile apps, one is patient centric and the other is doctor centric.

The patient app enables the user to enter and save information pertaining to investigations, clinical data, medication, etc. This information is posted on to the cloud database for the doctors to monitor these data points. The app also allows the user to connect with his/her doctor for any inquiries.

The doctor app enables a doctor to link a patient to his list of patients, monitor/track and check any inquiries sent by a patient and respond to those from his smart phone. All the information from the patient app, which is posted on to the web, is made available through a web interface for the doctor to track/monitor his/her patient’s health constantly. Through this application, the doctor can monitor patients and can ask a patient to visit him for any emergencies.

Features and Benefits

With Mahalife mHealth apps both doctors and patients benefit. The apps are built to cater to the needs of a doctor in monitoring the patients.

Benefits – Patient

  • Ease of access to healthcare information
  • Simplified connectivity to Doctor
  • Automated maintenance and tracking of medical records
  • Easy tracking of medication and diet

Benefits – Doctor

  • Simplified profiling and tracking of patients
  • Automated maintenance of patient records
  • Continuous monitoring of patient condition
  • Enables the risk forecasting based on medical history
  • Enhances the quality of service