Olive Methodology

Our 3 legged stool model named Olive Methodology addresses your concerns

Expand the Sphere of Possible


OliveMethod is a proprietary, unique, time-tested approach to outsourced projects and services. This process addresses the primary concerns of the customer when considering a remotely sourced project or service. These concerns include budget, timeframe, quality and control. At the same time, it takes potential obstacles such as cultural differences, geographical distance, language barriers and time-zones and turns them into advantages for both the customer and for Olive.

A proprietry service delivery methodology to overcome any obstacles for remotely sourced projects or services.


We seek to completely understand the needs of the customer before doing any design or development work. Even if it means turning down a project due to a lack of clear specifications or expectations.


Our web-based change management system called Olive Tracker lets us to maintain clear and continuous communication with the customer from beginning to end.

Documentation and Support

We seek to set the highest standards for excellence in the documentation and support of our products.