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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solution

The modern corporation has a myriad of software solutions addressing a number of the needs of the modern business. Are these systems islands of information or are they deeply integrated like the rest of your business?

Salesforce Automation (SFA), Customer Relations Management (CRM), Accounting Systems, and Inventory Control are just some of the examples of these systems. Few of them communicate well with each other “out of the box,” nor are they fit to meet the custom needs of your corporation without a lot of tweaking.

Olive Technology has 18 years of experience customizing and integrating disparate systems so that they work seamlessly to meet your business objectives. Here are just some of the ways in which we can help your business with your enterprise system needs.

Legacy Migrations and Upgrades

It doesn’t matter what the system is, eventually they’re all replaced by new versions. Often, the solution itself has become obsolete and so you’re faced with migrating to an entirely new system. What do you do with all of your precious data? Olive Technology specializes in helping enterprises upgrade or replace their systems while maintaining their data from the legacy system to the new shiny solution.


The modern enterprise often contains various technology solutions from different vendors. Just like you aim to avoid a fragmented business, Olive Technology can help you integrate your disparate systems so that they seamlessly work together. This can help your people efficiently accomplish the goals that lead to the success of your business.


Most enterprise software solutions ship with fairly generic settings. But your business isn’t generic – you’re not like everyone else. We can help you customize your systems. For example, if you were using, we could help you mold that solution to conform to how your company works best.

Custom Solutions

Olive Technology has expertise in helping our clients design custom software solutions that implement the exact features they need. We are willing to go the distance in this often complex and time-consuming process.